Furry Character Designer

Artist / Character Design / Psychologist / FGC Enthusiast / Professional Java Bean


Hi there! My name is Latte (@LotsofLatte) and I'm a 27 y/o freelance artist and character designer. I'm self taught with a big passion in designing characters, clothing, species, etc. I mostly do furry-related work, but I draw humans and other types of humanoids as well. I'm well versed in Paint Tool SAI and work with a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch CTH-460.Here you can find all my links to other websites I'm on. The links attached here are the only places I have, so if you find me somewhere else then it is a fake account unless otherwise stated. Thank you for visiting my carrd, have a wonderful day!

Commission Prices

Commissions are only open when slots are availaible and announced on the @LotsofLatte Twitter page or my Discord server. I hold the right to turn any commission away, all prices are final.